jueves, 5 de febrero de 2009

Puente de Acero Ciudad de Arequipa - The steel Bridge of the City of Arequipa

El Puente de Acero en la ciudad de Arequipa construido por la Phoenix Bridge Company usando su columna de acero compuesta patentada en 1862 por Samuel Reeves.
The steel Bridge of the City of Arequipa Built by the Phoenix Bridge Company using the Phoenix Column that was patented bt Samuel Reeves in 1862 during the civil war

Phoenix column
The "Phoenix Column" (patented by Samuel Reeves in 1862 during the Civil War), was a hollow cylinder composed of four, six, or eight wrought iron segments that were riveted together into a single column. The result was much lighter and stronger than the usual solid cast iron columns of the day and advanced the ability to build massive structures without the usual brutally heavy and load bearing walls. Taller and taller buildings could now be built on narrow urban plots, helping facilitate the creation of the skyscraper and high stress load bearing bridges.

Phoenix Bridge Company
The success of the Phoenix column led to the formation of a construction subsidiary. Initially it was named Clarke, Reeves & Co., then the Phoenixville Bridge Works, and finally the Phoenix Bridge Company. The firm ultimately built some 4,200 bridges, primarily
wrought iron truss railway bridges. Phoenix Bridge was involved with the construction of the Manhattan Bridge, the Walnut Street Bridge in Harrisburg and reached an international market with projects as far away as Russia and China.In 1900 the Bridge Company was awarded the contract for the Quebec Bridge across the St. Lawrence River. The 1907 collapse of that bridge during construction was blow to its reputation.Phoenix Bridge eventually closed in 1962.