jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2007


El Laboratorio Urbano de Lima invitado a la muestra Visions of Latin American Architecture en el Museo del Barrio en NY mostrando su video BODY SPACE.La muestra es una seleccion de videos curada por Fredy Massad y Alicia Guerrero Yeste , que forma parte de las actividades del Open House New York.El Video BODY SPACE es el registro de un ejercicio academico realizado como parte de la investigacion academica de LUL desde el año 2004.

Open House New York


Sunday, October 7, 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Presented in collaboration with the Center for Architecture Foundation, this series of documentary films and audiovisual clips aims at introducing audiences both to crucial buildings and figures of Latin American architecture and to the spirit underlying the architectural imagination in Latin America . The featured films offer an insight into the history of modern architecture and will also focus on the research of digital technologies being currently carried out by young offices and architecture schools. This series is curated by Fredy Massad, Architect and Alicia Guerrero Yeste, Art Historian, founders and principals of ¿btbW/Architecture (btbwarch.com), an office based in Barcelona ( Spain ) devoted to the critical analysis of contemporary architecture.


Architecture schools and new offices have fluently adopted new digital technologies as design tools. The processes of visualization that have been enabled by the usage of these digital technologies, along with the strong influence of visual culture on young generations of architects, are resulting in the production of new experimental clips. These clips enable architects to develop new spatial concepts and reflect on contemporary issues regarding architectural experience and theory. The selection will include a series of clips produced by young architects from all over Latin America . After the screening Fredy Massad, co-curator of the series, will be present for a Q&A session.

The event was a design exploration of a spatial construction as the interface between the body and landscape. The workshop assignment is to design a minimum space that will cover 90 percent of the body with a depth of 5 centimetres, built entirely of plastic. The idea is to intensify the experience of the physical conditions, creating a discussion about all the spatial definitions that will be discover on the process of this physical interaction. The body-space was build over a 5 days period and at the final stage we took them to the landscape walk.
Filming Location : Huaca El Paraiso y Huaca Huaycan ,Lima Peru 2004
Duration 8:02 min
Film by Lima Urban Laboratory (Pablo Diaz + Diego Rodriguez)
Edition : Jarec Bullon Chavez